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Website + Paid Ad Optimization & Management

Lok N Logs is large luxury cabin company. See how we saved them money and increased their exposure. 

A Website That Converts

Lok N Logs had a website that was outdated and failed to convert. We built them a new website that included funnels and utilized the top SEO tactics.

Paid Ad Optimization

We honed in on their target audience, setup conversion tracking, and optimized their ads.

More Clicks For Less

By optimizing their Ads we were able to increase their total clicks for less. Before we started they were getting an average of 2,523 Clicks for $2,420/mo. After our optimization they were getting 6,341 Clicks for $2,235/mo. 

More Exposure

We increased their impressions by 129%

Total Breakdown

Here you can compare their 30 day average before working with us and after.


I Wood Care is an eCommerce website that focuses on log cabin care products. 

What: Website + SEO

SEO Case Study

A New Website



We updated their website and optimized it for speed, conversion, and SEO.

A New Source Of Traffic

They completely relied on direct traffic before. Now 70.8% of their traffic is from Organic Search (SEO)

1,911 organic visitors per month and growing.

We optimized their product pages and produced content that brings in 1,911 organic visitors per month. As more content ranks, this number continues to grow.

Strategic Content

We produced strategic content to help rank I Wood Care for keywords that will bring converting customers. This content brings in monthly visitors at no extra cost.