Yelp Cash Back.

Yelp Cash Back.

Want to earn up to 10% cash back from thousands of businesses? It may sound to good to be true but it isn’t. Yelp Cash Back is a free program that allows customers to receive up to 10% cashback on purchases from select restaurants and retailers. Cash back will either be credited to your credit card statement or added to checking account if you use a debit card.

Participating is easy and free.

1. Sign In or Sign Up for Yelp.

2. Click on Cash Back.

3. Add your Cards.

4. Search for business that are enrolled in the program.

5. Shop using that card.

You don’t have to do or say anything. You will get Cash Back simply by using the card on file.

Yelp Cash Back Review

If you are already shopping and don’t mind sharing your transactions with 3rd parties to receive offers, then this is a great program.


1. Works with most cards.

2. Free to use.

3. Many enrolled businesses.

4. Works with other offers. (Double dip)

5. Easy to use. Shop and collect.

6. Works with Debit and Credit.

The main disadvantage that we see is that you are sharing your transactions. If you are a uncomfortable with this, then this is not the offer for you. Another disadvantage is that if you live in a rural area, you will have a hard time finding businesses that are enrolled.

How to get Yelp Cash back

Yelp Cash back is free to use and works through Empyr. If a card is already in a program by Empyr, you might not be able to use that card for Yelp Cash Back. The best way is to simply enter the information of the card that you want to use and see if it works.

1. Sign In or Sign Up for a Yelp account.

Yelp is free and is a great way to find good businesses and share your experiences.

Yelp Cash Back.

2. Click on Cash Back

On the main page Click on your Profile Picture. This will bring a small menu up. Click on Cash Back on the menu.

Yelp Cash Back.

3. Add your cards and Read the Terms of Use.

Now you will enter the card information that you want to use. You can add as many cards as you want to use, both credit and debit. Yelp will never charge your card, they will only give you Cash Back from purchases at select businesses. Be sure to read the Terms of Use. By connecting a card, you are giving Yelp details of your transactions and allowing them to use this information to share specific offers with you.

Yelp Cash Back.

4. Search for Cash Back businesses.

By including Cash Back in your search or clicking on the Cash Back button, you will be able to see which business offer Cash Back and how much.

Yelp Cash Back.
Yelp Cash Back.

5. Shop using the card and enjoy!

Once you have found the business and deal that you like, all you have to do is shop there using the card on file and you will receive Cash Back! It is that simple. One great trick is to use a card that already has a great offer. That way you will be earning twice!

Yelp Cash Back for businesses.

Yelp Cash Back is becoming very popular and a great way to get customers to choose your store.

Currently Yelp does not have an automated system for enrolling. If you want to enroll in Yelps Cash Back and have your business included in the program, you first need to make sure that you have a Yelp Business Listing.Once you have a Yelp Business Listing send an Email to and tell them that you want to enroll your business in the Cash Back program on Yelp. Be sure to include a link to your profile as well.

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